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Free Cakes For Kids

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Free Cakes for Kids is a movement of local volunteers and community groups, who share a simple belief: every child deserves a birthday cake. Since 2008, we have been baking for  hundreds of families who find it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child – free, friendly, confidential.


Our cakes are homemade and delicious, usually featuring the child’s favourite theme or style. We do this because we love baking and are passionate about our communities.

How it works

Children and families are referred to local groups by organisations throughout the UK who work with families and children - including schools, food banks, hostels and charities.  


Our community groups bake for children aged 1 to 18. 

Bakers sign up to strict hygiene and confidentiality standards. Our cakes are home-made by volunteers who bake and decorate cakes in their own homes to the very best of their ability.  


Our cakes are made with love and care, but are rarely made by professional cake makers.

Help us bake a difference


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